Wedding Themes & Ideas

children-wedding-attireWe are enthusiastic observers of wedding trends with years of experience and plenty of creative ideas to share with our brides.  Marriage is still a sacred and serious event, but today’s etiquette allows for many innovative and personal ideas to tie the past to the present.

More and more couples are choosing to exchange personalized vows when religious ceremonies permit.  They are choosing ceremonies which unite children and parents as a new family unit.

The European influence is felt in weddings where children as attendants replace traditional bridesmaids.

curved-top-lanternGrowing in popularity are weekend weddings that begin with the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and end with a creative brunch on Sunday.  Because many families have members who live across the country, a weekend wedding allows time to renew family bonds while providing time for golf, tours and sightseeing.

Other couples are choosing to express their lineage.  Bagpipers play for those of Scottish descent.  Chinese lanterns and fortune cookies appear at receptions and wedding dinners remind one of rustic Tuscan banquets. Reproduction weddings that are based on old time sepia photographs of great grandparent weddings are being seen.

We have lots more great ideas to share with you.  Call (307) 200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.


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