Wedding Cake Ordering Tips That Save Money


At one time choosing a wedding cake was easy. You figured how many guests were expected, you went to your neighborhood baker, you picked white or chocolate layer (s) and gave the baker the address for delivery and a deposit. Done.

Today’s couples are busy going to cake tastings, bringing swatches of material to determine the color of the frosting, debating between marzipan and cream frosting, debating about size and shape and then repeating the process for the groom’s cake. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are some wedding cake ordering tips that save money.

  • Unless you really want one, don’t order a multi tiered cake. Instead, order several round single layer cakes. Place one of them on a tall cake stand and surround it with the other round layers on varying heights. It provides visual interest for the desert table and costs far less.
  • If you wish to have a tiered wedding cake, order a smaller version and have sheet cakes available for serving to guests. It will taste exactly the same but cost much less since the time invested in frosting/decorating the sheet cakes is far less.
  • Order one show cake that you can feature in the photo of the cake cutting, but have your baker or caterer, make enough smaller cakes to be the centerpieces at guest tables.
  • Order enough cake for 3/4th of your planned guest count. Some people will leave before the cake is cut and others just don’t want desert.
  • Let your cake cutters know that you want 2” slices cut rather than giant hunks of cake. It is a substantial dessert portion and much more in line with people’s view of dessert.
  • One bride we know chose to serve plates of cookies and biscotti to each table prior to cake cutting. It gave her and her groom a chance to greet all of the guests and thank them for coming. Cookies cost less than cake and many people prefer that to cake. She ordered only a small “show” cake for the photo.
  • You don’t NEED to have a cake table. Many brides are opting for a dessert table with a variety of offerings. You can have an ice cream station, pies, cupcakes, cheesecake or even a fountain of chocolate for dipping fruit or pretzels.

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