Tips for Brides: Paperwork

coffee-paperwork_smIt is true – getting married requires a lot of paperwork. Part of dealing with it easily means being organized and collecting as many forms as you can well in advance of the wedding itself.

Remember that women who plan to take the groom’s surname will have more records to change than women who plan to keep their own names. The same is true for any partner who will be relocating after the ceremony.

Prepare all of the forms you can get your hands on prior to the wedding. Even though some of them may require copies of your marriage certificate, you can be ready with forms completed and stamped once the ceremony is over. Some couples make it a date night and complete all the forms together over dinner, dessert or coffee.

Aside from personal contacts and wedding thank you notes yet to come, here is a list of the records you may need to change. Ask your wedding planner, or friends who recently married what other forms or records you should consider.

  • Social Security
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowner’s and liability insurance policies
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Credit card accounts
  • Voter Registration records
  • Immigration records
  • Investment accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Employment records
  • Post office records
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