Prepare Your Itinerary

It’s hard to believe but it’s finally here!  Your wedding day.   You’ve been knee deep in plans for what seems like months, but you’ve done it right.  You’ve kept flawless notes on all decisions you’ve made.  You’ve checked and double checked vendors, your guest count is in and all systems are go.  The one final thing you really must do is lay out your Wedding Day Itinerary.  Who is doing what, where and when?

Here are some suggestions for creating that itinerary.

  • Begin with the start times you know.  You know when the ceremony is to start and you know when the reception is scheduled.  Plug those times in and work forward and backward as you fill in the schedule.
  • Confirm those set up and start times with each of your vendors.
  • Schedule departure and arrival times for each venue being sure to include estimated travel times.
  • Schedule any pre-ceremony events like hair, makeup and photo sessions.
  • If yours is a formal reception, confirm and review the timing for the formalities planned – the grand entrance, toasts, first dance, cake cutting etc. with the location manager and the music or master of ceremonies you’ve engaged.
  • Double check with the florist on delivery and set up times you’ve arranged.  Make sure they have given you back up phone numbers in case of emergency.
  • Make sure that every vendor has contact names and phone numbers for you, or your parents and/or the reception hosts.
  • Make sure that you have contact names and phone numbers for each and every vendor servicing your wedding.  Note their appointed delivery times and places and entrust this information to your personal attendant, or wedding coordinator.
  • Make sure that the photographer(s) with whom you’ve contracted know where they are to be and at what time.  Get their mobile phone numbers so you can maintain contact with them before and during the events.  Make sure they have a copy of the names of those people you want in family photos.  If the photographer doesn’t have an assistant, ask one of your cousins or close friends to act in that capacity.
  • RELAX – you’ve done your best.  You’ve covered all bases.  Enjoy your day.  It is the first day of the rest of your life together.
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