Prenuptial Agreement

bride-bouquet_smThis topic is a hard one for some couples to talk about. It certainly isn’t “romantic” by any means. You don’t need one since you aren’t marrying a millionaire. But here’s the truth: Every marriage license is a contract.¬† In this contract individuals gain certain rights and obligations, but the individuals’ rights and obligations to each other are quite different.

“It is an agreement between the bride, the groom and the government.”

Whether the prenuptial agreement is drawn up by a lawyer and certified by the courts or is a quiet agreement between the two individuals, it is wise to have a mutual understanding of expectations going into the marriage.

Many churches require a pre-marriage courses for engaged couples  as a pre-requisite for marriage in that faith. Part of those courses deal with these expectations and how they will be handled within the marriage. Even if couples do not go through those courses or meetings, they would be wise to have the conversations about issues of concern like the division of work, the raising of children, views towards money (saved and spent) etc.

Each party has a notion about what to expect from the other based on his/her own experiences and lifestyles. A “pre nup” – whether formal or informal, handled with dignity and respect, can be a good investment in the couple’s life together.

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