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Tips For Enjoying Your Wedding Day

As you become totally immersed in the plans for your wedding take some time to think awedding couplebout what really matters on your big day. Try to maintain some perspective on the upcoming event. Here’s what some brides have said after it was all over. Above all make sure to enjoy your wedding day.

  1. I wish I had paid more attention to everything going on around me. I was so focused on the details that I forgot to really notice who was there and to appreciate the fact that they came to help us celebrate this special day in our lives.
  2. I wish I had focused on the reality of what was happening that day. I got married to my best friend! That is huge. In light of that realization, who cares that the caterer forgot to put out my pink printed cocktail napkins and used plain white bar napkins.
  3. I dreamed of and hoped for an absolutely PERFECT day. Some things did go wrong. They weren’t major and only my mom and I knew it. We never mentioned it that day but have laughed about it after. She was wise enough to know that in spite of detailed lists, something would be out of our control. Neither the altar boys nor the ushers thought to light the candles on the altar. Oh well. I didn’t see it until I got to the altar.
  4. I nearly forgot that the most important person at that wedding was my new husband. Sure I was disappointed that some guests were unable to come, but what mattered was that I was there and so was he.
  5. Know that the day will go by quickly. I spent months preparing for this day and when the celebrations came to an end, I couldn’t believe it was all over. I should have known that it would just fly by. If I had it to do over, I’d pay more attention to everything and everyone, and reconsider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator.

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