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Choose a Prime Location: Wedding Venue

parking-ceremony-signsWe believe that the secret of planning a fabulous stress-free reception begins with finding the right venue.  Over the years we’ve learned plenty of secrets to help you avoid costly mistakes.

As soon as the date is confirmed with the clergy or officiant, contact should be made with the manager of your preferred venues to check on availability.  If you don’t have a place in mind, consider options such as hotels, banquet halls, historical sites, parks, art galleries or museums.  In choosing a reception locations, a major concern should be the convenience of your guests.  It should be easily accessible by car and no more than 30 minutes from the ceremony site.  It should be large enough to easily accommodate the number of guests you expect as well as provide comfortable seating arrangements.

Be sure to check how many events will be taking place if you are considering a multi-event location.  Ask how much time is allotted between events scheduled for the same day.  How is parking?  Is there enough room for your guest’s cars?

shades-of-blue-flowersAre there enough restrooms to accommodate your guests?  Review any restrictions the location may have regarding the type, volume and duration of the music you’d like.  Is there a public address system or do you have to provide one?  Is there an adequate power supply for speakers, instruments and amplifiers?

Ask if the facility will provide an event coordinator to cue the musicians for the first dance, toasts, cake cutting and bouquet toss.  Just to insure that each of these activities go off without a hitch, if you do not have a wedding planner, ask a couple to act as assistant hosts to greet guests and managed the various events of the evening so that you and your parents are free to enjoy the party.

If you have seen to these details up front, you will enjoy the evening! Call 307-200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.

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