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Prenuptial Agreement

bride-bouquet_smThis topic is a hard one for some couples to talk about. It certainly isn’t “romantic” by any means. You don’t need one since you aren’t marrying a millionaire. But here’s the truth: Every marriage license is a contract.  In this contract individuals gain certain rights and obligations, but the individuals’ rights and obligations to each other are quite different.

“It is an agreement between the bride, the groom and the government.”

Whether the prenuptial agreement is drawn up by a lawyer and certified by the courts or is a quiet agreement between the two individuals, it is wise to have a mutual understanding of expectations going into the marriage.

Many churches require a pre-marriage courses for engaged couples  as a pre-requisite for marriage in that faith. Part of those courses deal with these expectations and how they will be handled within the marriage. Even if couples do not go through those courses or meetings, they would be wise to have the conversations about issues of concern like the division of work, the raising of children, views towards money (saved and spent) etc.

Each party has a notion about what to expect from the other based on his/her own experiences and lifestyles. A “pre nup” – whether formal or informal, handled with dignity and respect, can be a good investment in the couple’s life together.

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Memorable Moments

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A Break with Tradition

families-become-oneAs one wedding planner had said, “traditions are simply good ideas that got repeated.” They are not laws. And that’s a good thing. If nothing ever changed, there would be a lot of grooms who would not get to lay eyes on their brides until after the vows were exchanged, brides who would be stolen and kept in hiding until parents and grooms negotiated their ransom or brides who would have their heads shaved for their big day. Fortunately, these customs have faded away and others have taken their places.

“Traditions are simply good ideas that get repeated.”

The important thing is to realize what customs and traditions matter to you. If one of them makes you uncomfortable, you should ignore it. The same is true of family customs. While you may be reluctant to go against the wishes of family members, be gracious, express your view and if you don’t want to be married in the same location as your parents chose – don’t. This your wedding. By all means listen respectfully to family members talk about wedding traditions they have know. Select from the suggestions if they feel right and thank folks for the ideas.

Set out to create some new traditions that you like. If you and your finance like to celebrate events with espresso and cheesecake, make a coffee bar and dessert table would take the place of a conventional wedding cake at your reception.

Instead of forcing single women at your reception to come forward and “fight” for the remains of your bridal bouquet, maybe you’ll choose to do what one bride did. She had her bouquet made with five smaller bouquets gathered into one held in place with ribbon. At the reception, instead of throwing the bouquet, she untied the ribbon and handed a small bouquet to each of her bridesmaids and with her thanks. Or you could hand one of the small bouquets to your mother, the groom’s mother, grandmothers and/or godmothers.

Call us at 307-200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.

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Among the Mountains

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Perfect – Yes, Flawless – Unlikely

tan-wedding-table-settingOf course you want your wedding and reception to be perfect. You will invest lots of time and effort and money to make that happen. Perfect means that all your planning pays off and your wedding day is a lovely event that you and your finance will remember for years to come. It was a perfect day for you two.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a flawless wedding day. Things will happen over which you have zero control. We all know stories about cakes that crack on the way to the reception, flowers that did not look like what you ordered, a bridesmaid who fainted on the altar, a canceled flight that kept the maid of honor in an airport terminal instead of at the church with you, a flower girl who refused to walk down the aisle at the wedding after doing it beautifully at rehearsal or a back zipper that spread apart just as a bridesmaid was ready to walk down the aisle in the processional.

The trick is to make the event seem flawless. Accept the fact that not everything will go as planned. That is why we recommend hiring a wedding planner or a coordinator. It is his/her job to handle flawless. Your job is to enjoy your day and know this it is perfect for you and the groom you love.

If you do not have a wedding planner, we suggest that you select someone or two to fill that role in advance. Entrust that person or persons to run interference for you and to calmly deal with the inevitable. They will be the ones who will make sure the cake gets fixed, and will lend personal rings to use in the ceremony if the best man forgets or the ring bearer loses the real thing. They are the ones who will oversee the plans and events and will handle the unexpected. These are different from your personal attendant who will take care of all the little things you may need. They are the event managers for one day so that you can focus on being the guest of honor.

The role requires tact and the ability to act calmly when other might panic. Those you select will become managers for the day and will make sure you do get your PERFECT DAY.

Call us at 307-200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.


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Tips for Brides: Paperwork

coffee-paperwork_smIt is true – getting married requires a lot of paperwork. Part of dealing with it easily means being organized and collecting as many forms as you can well in advance of the wedding itself.

Remember that women who plan to take the groom’s surname will have more records to change than women who plan to keep their own names. The same is true for any partner who will be relocating after the ceremony.

Prepare all of the forms you can get your hands on prior to the wedding. Even though some of them may require copies of your marriage certificate, you can be ready with forms completed and stamped once the ceremony is over. Some couples make it a date night and complete all the forms together over dinner, dessert or coffee.

Aside from personal contacts and wedding thank you notes yet to come, here is a list of the records you may need to change. Ask your wedding planner, or friends who recently married what other forms or records you should consider.

  • Social Security
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Homeowner’s and liability insurance policies
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Credit card accounts
  • Voter Registration records
  • Immigration records
  • Investment accounts
  • Bank accounts
  • Employment records
  • Post office records
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Stunning Views

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Your Wedding Celebration Schedule

christina-mike-wedding-fall-themeWe know that weddings are filled with many exciting and unforgettable moments.  The commitment ceremony is very special and is considered sacred by many.  The reception is the time to celebrate.  Since this celebration is likely to be one of the biggest social events you’ll ever plan, we want to help you make it truly memorable.  Here are some guidelines to help you plan the best reception ever.

Know that if your reception is likely to last four hours, you can schedule activities at a more leisurely pace.  Both your wedding planner and and/or the reception site manager can help you plan the sequence of events exactly as you wish them.  If you don’t know where to start, here is an example of a well scheduled reception you may wish to consider.

bridal-partyUsually there are photos taken between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception.  Work with your photographer to try to minimize the time spent with group shots.  The special effect photos that you want taken should be done before the ceremony whenever possible.  Ideally, the reception site would not be further than 1/2 hour’s drive from the ceremony.  Because your guests are likely to go directly to the reception from the ceremony – and are likely to arrive before you and the wedding party do, be sure to have a reception host or hostess at the site ready to greet your guests and direct them to whatever area you have chosen for cocktails or punch and hors d’oeuvres.

Once you and the bridal party have arrived, the DJ or master of ceremonies should introduce you.  If you have not had a receiving line at the ceremony site, it is usual to form the line immediately after being introduced.  However, more and more couples are choosing to greet guests at their tables during the reception or as guests are leaving the event.

wedding-partyCocktails and appetizers are usually served before all guests are seated.  This is an appropriate time for a few toasts or you can choose to have your first dance.  Next, the main course is served and following that, guests mingle and dance.  Then the cake is cut and served along with whatever dessert(s) you have chosen.  After dessert is when the bride usually tosses her bouquet if she has decided to do so.  Know that fewer and fewer brides are following that tradition.  It is time for the final dance, guests leave and you are off to your new life together.

For more advice and ideas on staging the reception of a lifetime, call (307) 200-9886 or email

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Wedding Themes & Ideas

children-wedding-attireWe are enthusiastic observers of wedding trends with years of experience and plenty of creative ideas to share with our brides.  Marriage is still a sacred and serious event, but today’s etiquette allows for many innovative and personal ideas to tie the past to the present.

More and more couples are choosing to exchange personalized vows when religious ceremonies permit.  They are choosing ceremonies which unite children and parents as a new family unit.

The European influence is felt in weddings where children as attendants replace traditional bridesmaids.

curved-top-lanternGrowing in popularity are weekend weddings that begin with the rehearsal dinner on Friday night and end with a creative brunch on Sunday.  Because many families have members who live across the country, a weekend wedding allows time to renew family bonds while providing time for golf, tours and sightseeing.

Other couples are choosing to express their lineage.  Bagpipers play for those of Scottish descent.  Chinese lanterns and fortune cookies appear at receptions and wedding dinners remind one of rustic Tuscan banquets. Reproduction weddings that are based on old time sepia photographs of great grandparent weddings are being seen.

We have lots more great ideas to share with you.  Call (307) 200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.


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wedding photo

Choose a Prime Location: Wedding Venue

parking-ceremony-signsWe believe that the secret of planning a fabulous stress-free reception begins with finding the right venue.  Over the years we’ve learned plenty of secrets to help you avoid costly mistakes.

As soon as the date is confirmed with the clergy or officiant, contact should be made with the manager of your preferred venues to check on availability.  If you don’t have a place in mind, consider options such as hotels, banquet halls, historical sites, parks, art galleries or museums.  In choosing a reception locations, a major concern should be the convenience of your guests.  It should be easily accessible by car and no more than 30 minutes from the ceremony site.  It should be large enough to easily accommodate the number of guests you expect as well as provide comfortable seating arrangements.

Be sure to check how many events will be taking place if you are considering a multi-event location.  Ask how much time is allotted between events scheduled for the same day.  How is parking?  Is there enough room for your guest’s cars?

shades-of-blue-flowersAre there enough restrooms to accommodate your guests?  Review any restrictions the location may have regarding the type, volume and duration of the music you’d like.  Is there a public address system or do you have to provide one?  Is there an adequate power supply for speakers, instruments and amplifiers?

Ask if the facility will provide an event coordinator to cue the musicians for the first dance, toasts, cake cutting and bouquet toss.  Just to insure that each of these activities go off without a hitch, if you do not have a wedding planner, ask a couple to act as assistant hosts to greet guests and managed the various events of the evening so that you and your parents are free to enjoy the party.

If you have seen to these details up front, you will enjoy the evening! Call 307-200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.

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Something to Celebrate

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A Wise Decision: Hiring a Wedding Planner

Hire-a-Wedding-PlannerWe know how time consuming and difficult it can be to make the myriad of wedding plans, big and small, and keep track of them all.  That is why hiring a wedding planner is such a terrific idea.

Your wedding planner can offer a variety of services based on your needs.  From learning exactly what the bride wants and overseeing every detail to things as simple as seating arrangements for divorced parents who don’t speak to each other, the planner can do as much or as little as you wish.

Think how nice it would be to have her take care of your aunt who has never planned a wedding in her life but who insists on expressing her opinion of every detail of yours.

Because wedding planners are in constant contact with vendors, current trends and special sites, they will be your best source for creating the unique and the unusual.

Weddings are meant to be joyous occasions, not events filled with taut nerves and stressful moments.

We encourage all brides to place their dreams of a perfect wedding into the hands of a professional planner. She’ll find it will be one of the best decisions she has made since she said “yes” to the groom.

Call us at 307-200-9886 or email to discuss ideas.

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This Way to the Party

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Celebrate with us

Heather Erson Photography

Heather Erson Photography

We are Celebrate Jackson Hole and we are excited to celebrate with you.
Dianna and Steve Scofield have over 10 years of experience in event planning. Dianna is now a Certified Wedding Specialist by Wedding Beautiful Worldwide.

We specialize in planning your special day to fit your needs, whether it be your wedding, anniversary, birthday, etc. In our new blog you will find stories, some event ideas, and updates.  Jackson Hole is a truly magnificent place and we want to provide you with the very best. Join us on our new journey as Celebrate JH. There are exciting developments to come!

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The Perfect Dress

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Get Swept Away

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Gorgeous Locations

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Tying the Knot

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Making Memories

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