Alternatives to Flower Bouquets

Silk Flower Bouquet

Perhaps you have decided that a bouquet of fresh flowers is not your choice to carry in the processional. Not to worry – there are many alternatives to flower bouquets.

If you or your groom has flower triggered allergies, consider silk/artificial floral arrangements. They can be just as lovely as real flowers and won’t leave you red eyed and sniffling. If your talents don’t run to assembling bouquets yourself, you can order them through many craft stores. Or you can abandon flowers all together and consider carrying a bouquet of feathers, which are gorgeous and unusual, or carry strands of crystals, or origami birds.

If you have a special passion for poetry, use that as a theme for your “bouquet” of rolled parchments bearing lines from some of your favorite poems written in ink that matches your color scheme. You might also carry that poetry theme into decorations for the reception.

Or, you could bypass bouquets altogether and carry a fan, a special bible, a small parasol, a rosary or a small clutch handbag. If you are planning on a unity candle in the ceremony, carry a lit candle down the aisle instead of a bouquet and light the unity candle early in the ceremony or place your candle on the altar.

Check your ethnic background for other wedding traditions that you may like to utilize. For example, Irish customs call for the bride to carry a horseshoe for good luck (with the open end up so the luck doesn’t run out).

You’ve seen or maybe received an edible bouquet. Consider a lollipop arrangement in the colors of your wedding.

There is a vendor that will make fabric roses out of vintage fabrics, scarves, even neckties from someone dear to you and arrange them in a lovely bouquet.

Of course, you could elect to carry nothing at all. It is your choice.

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